Monday, September 23, 2013

Packing up the House

Yesterday we spoke in our ward on the Ninth Article of Faith, "We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the kingdom of God."  Three of our children and their families were there to hear us--Vanessa, Conrad and Carrie. Afterwards we came home and had a family dinner. It was wonderful. We skyped with our two sons who are far away, Casey in Germany and Jeff in Florida. Only one more Sunday and then we will be gone.

Anna and Sydney eating homemade peach ice cream at our family dinner. We added fresh raspberries to make a nice shade of pink, which is the favorite color of these sparkly girls.

In the last few weeks we've accomplished a lot. Clint has been overseeing the installation of a pellet stove and heat/ac pumps in Grandpa's house, putting doors on the bedrooms (long story), replacing the windows with ones that open and close, and remodeling both bathrooms and the laundry room. Our neighbor Ike Mason did all the tile work.

You can actually open the windows now. Wendy (Clint's sister and Grandpa's caretaker) has nice cross currents going so Grandpa's house can air out.

New bathtub, sinks, plumbing, tile, toilet, and frosted window that opens! Wendy loves to take baths now. You may notice the walls are unfinished stacked 2x4s, which is the way Grandpa built it.

Clinton overseeing the excavator truck dumping gravel into what has been a great big hole in the ground Grandpa used to collect wooden pallets to burn in his homemade furnace. We go to Home Depot at least once or twice a day to get supplies to fix things.

Now Wendy can park her truck under the overhang that serves as a carport. Clint also rerouted the water lines and electricity so it wouldn't have to go through the dairy barn, where everything will freeze this winter since it isn't being used.

We found some renters for our house--a wonderful young couple, Brian and Chelsea, and their two young sons. She is willing to take on my big yard, and he works with Chris who is leasing our hay ground. Our neighbor Barb who manages rentals recommended we pull up the carpet in the basement, lay pallets over the floor, and store all our belongings and furniture downstairs.

So my project has been going through all our belongings, throwing away, giving away, and burning much of it, and storing what I really want to keep in bins or stacked on furniture in the basement. I have worn several inches off running up and down the stairs with heavy boxes, so I guess it is worth it! Since we have lived in our house 38 years, we've never really had to throw anything away, so this is a good exercise for me. One must consider if something is worth packing and opening up in two years from now.

Taking the books out of the shelves was bad enough, but when pictures come off the walls, the house begins to lose its personality. So I am leaving as many up as I can until the last minute. We took down one bed today and will take the rest down in the next few days. We are running out of places to sit, and have to stack things on the floor. It is beginning to echo in here.

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