Tuesday, October 15, 2013

End of MTC Training

Today we had our final Perpetual Education Fund/Self Reliance Center training session in the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City.

The Church Office Building near the temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, the nerve center of the LDS Church.

We spent three and one-half hours on Sunday with Elder Joseph Sitati of Kenya, who gave us an overview of the function and purpose of Self Reliance centers around the world. Many senior missionaries are serving in western Africa, especially in Ghana.

Elder Joseph Sitati

On Monday and Tuesday, we heard from some of the high-powered volunteers who help inspire and run the PEF/Self Reliance program, including current and former founders of the Unitus Micro Credit Loan institution Mike Murray, (Bob Gay, the co-founder of Unitus and head of the PEF/SRC, was not able to be with us,) and Geoff Davis, director of the Self Reliance Program content. We also heard from Tom Rueckert, Director of Self Reliance Field Services, Joe Daria and Tim Sloan, Director of International Field services, who Clint recognized as a former director of Darigold, our dairy's creamery.

A view from the 19th floor of the Church Office Building

Downtown Salt Lake City

We were driven to and from the Church Office Building by David Roper, a son-in-law of one of the Quorum of the Twelve. He talked to us nonstop about his inside knowledge of Church operations, always gently humorous and self-effacing, reminding us that many of his stories were for our ears only.

The COB is a very tall building.

Tuesday evening we attended a devotional with Elder Dallin Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve, who talked to all the young (and senior) missionaries about how the LDS Church is different because it has 1) the fulness of the Doctrine of Christ 2) the restored Priesthood and 3) Testimony. Then we spent an hour with friends from Ontario, Steve and Linda Laney, now serving in the branch presidency of the Brazilians in the MTC. They wished us well.

Tomorrow we do laundry and pack, weigh, and repack all our luggage for our departure on Thursday.

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  1. Did you actually get to do laundry? I was worried...in your last post you couldn't get to the machines.


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