Sunday, July 27, 2014

Flash Mob SUD

We heard that Elder Pendley was giving a talk in his ward on July 20th, so we invited ourselves to visit Barrio Los Huertos, San Pedro Stake. We picked up the Pendleys Sunday morning at their apartment on Colo Colo and navigated one of the convoluted routes across the Bio-Bio.

Elder and Hermana Pendley are the mission office couple for the Concepcion Sur Mission, both of them very kind and very smart. They have been breaking in the new mission president, President Bluth, by accompanying him to zone conferences throughout the large area from Concepcion south to Temuco. Hermana Pendley is one of those who can drive calmly through the streets of Concepcion, a rare talent. Elder Pendley, an engineer in his past life, gave an interesting and thoughtful talk.

Although it is the equivalent of mid-winter in Chile, the Chilean Palo Verde, Geoffroea Decorticans, Chañar or Kumbaru tree, is in glorious full bloom. This particular tree with its yellow pea-flowers was growing on the shore of Laguna Tres Pascualas near the University of San Sebastian, where we were visiting a family in our ward. The legend surrounding the name of the laguna involves three sisters unknowingly in love with the same man, who lured them to either drowning or suicide in the waters of the laguna. The fruit of this tree is processed into a syrup which is used for sore throats and coughs.

We often see these turkey vultures, Jote de cabeza colorado, or Buzzard with the Red Head, perched on tall buildings or flying the skies above Concepcion.

We made a second visit to the Repara de Calzado, shoe repair store on Calle Serrano, to have another pair of shoes re-heeled. The old-fashioned heavy-duty industrial sewing machines reminded me of a long-past time in my life when I earned money sewing on an industrial machine.

The proprietor believes in low-maintenance gardening.

This week our first group of weaving workshop ladies decided they missed each other so much they were going to keep coming to the Centro every other Friday whether we like it or not. Here two hermanas are discussing the merits of the natural and dyed wool brought by our resident spinner Regina.
Elder Kennington noticed on El Faro Mormon, The Mormon Lighthouse on Facebook, that there was going to be a flash mob dance of LDS youth scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Since we were on our Saturday walkabout, we made our way to the Plaza de las Armas

There were lots of youth sitting on concrete steps and benches, parents waiting on the sidelines, and lots of dogs lying in the winter sunshine. An Evangelical concert was already in progress, while the LDS group was setting up their sound system and cameras. At exactly 1:30, when the Evangelicals wrapped it up, a small group of youth began doing gymnastics on the adjoining side of the Plaza. They have been practicing daily for a month in Hualpen.

 We found out that the choreographer was one of our English students. She was thrilled to see us. The group grew and grew, until finally they threw off their jackets so everyone could see their blue LDS youth t-shirts. It was wonderful to see such an enthusiastic group of youth showing what they can do. Plus, I could sing English to some of the music.


  1. Is Clint one of the rare talents that can drive calmly through Concepcion? I imagine he would be. That is a LOT of kids in the flash mob! Good for them!

  2. Elder K. appears to be calmly driving were it not for the running commentary no one can hear but me.


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