Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tierra Bella

The first day of Primavera, Spring, 21 September, 2014.

It is still raining a lot, accompanied by spring flowers in and around Concepcion.

Blooming in every corner of Concepcion are Jacintos, Spanish bluebells, Hyacinthoides Hispanica.

La Cueca, the national dance of Chile, performed by a young couple in the Concepcion Stake, Fiestas Patrias, 18 September

On Sunday the first day of spring, we visited the Tierra Bella ward. Cristina, of the Relief Society presidency, is the sister of Gabriel Parra, (who reminds us of George Clooney and who is now a counselor in the Concepcion South Mission presidency). She is also the sister of Lily, President Arrington's wonderful cook. I admired a necklace she was wearing, which she promptly took off her own neck and put on mine. "That's the way she is," said one of the hermanas.

We came across a pair of elders walking to the church, so we drove them back to their house we had helped paint the week before, so they could drop off our donations of a couple of new cooking pans, some clean kitchen towels, peanut butter, and other necessities. Then we drove them back to the Tierra Bella chapel.

Although Fiestas Patrias are over, many buildings still fly the Chilean flag. Each building is required by law to fly the flag on national holidays.

Monday the Arringtons invited everyone over for a goodbye dinner for the Herreras, a service couple from Curico-Molina.

Hermana Herrera, in the center, always asks about my weaving, knitting and crocheting. When she found out I like flowers and plants, she told me the names of several of them in the grounds surrounding the Arrington's apartment, including ferns, helhecho,which she said (especially the ones in the picture above) were in the sun too much and turning yellow.

The Minches and the Scholes, Member and Leadership Support couples, were also there. Above is a picture of the Minches with Hermana Arrington.

I love weeping cherry trees when they are blooming.  When they are not blooming, is a different story.

 In this picture you can see the pretty necklace Cristina gave me.

The grounds were beautiful, including this camellia bush.

Once again, driving past the temple site along the highway in Pedro de Valdivia.

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