Sunday, November 16, 2014

Golf at the Club Naval

Having visited Tumbes on the Talcahuano peninsula for the first time on Saturday, of course we went back for the second time on Wednesday. On our first trip we had passed the Club Naval golf course, and Elder K. was duly impressed by the grounds and expressed a wish to play there. 

We ran into two elders in a stake center we were visiting, and since they had been given special permission, we asked if they would like to accompany us. They said they would.

Our Sunday visit was to the Hualpencillo Ward in Talcahuano South Stake. The members here are dedicated, with firm testimonies.

Wednesday morning, the elders met us at the Self Reliance Center, then we took off for the golf club on Chile's main naval base on the Bay of Concepcion.

Club Naval de Campo Tumbes. The weather was sunny, warm, and breezy -- just perfect.

Elder Kennington and two delightful young missionaries, Elder McAllister and Elder Hoopes.

The greens were immaculately kept, the trees well established, and the golfers were thrilled. We had the entire 50-acre grounds to ourselves.

Some of the holes had spectacular views over the Bahia de Concepcion. We could see Penco, Lirquen and Tome.

Colorful flags at the end of Hole 3, waving in the ocean breeze. 

Overlooking the shipping yard and submarine base

Elder Hoopes takes a shot. I am not sure if anyone cared about the score. A few days after this golf outing, Elder Hoopes was made a zone leader in Penco.

Since I don't really golf (the less said about that, the better), I was enjoying the smell of the pines, the cleanliness and beauty of the grounds, and taking photos of wildflowers.

These pretty little birds accompanied us the entire time. I tried to get them to fly to show off their white wings with black markings, but they mostly just ran along the ground.

Purple wildflowers under the pine trees

Weeds along the ground, but pretty nonetheless

 An interesting mushroom. After two hours and nine holes, the golfers were getting hungry and thirsty, so we reluctantly said goodbye to the Club Naval de Campo Tumbes.

 Since Caleta Tumbes was just a few miles down the winding hilly road, we drove there for lunch. Above is a photo of a patient fisherman repairing his nets.

Along the little street we saw several restaurants, and decided on Tia Ely's.

Two happy elders eating cheese empanadas with onions and cilantro. We all ordered the Reineta a la Plancha, a delicious grilled whitefish served with a pile of french fries. 

We watched ongoing ship repairs from the second floor of Tia Ely's. 

A photo of us on the pier

Another goodbye to Tumbes, and a wonderful day out for two hard working elders and for us.

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