Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nativity Week

The week before Christmas, we had a party with the weaving workshops lady, a ward Christmas dinner, and we visited a number of Ferias de Navidad.

Elder Kennington and ladies enjoying refreshments in the Centro de Recursos (Resource Center). The lady to Elder K.'s left reminds him of his Aunt Fern, so he has adopted her as his Tia, Aunt.

Crochet work

Centro gift exchange. Monica Rodriguez, with the short dark hair, is taking English lessons from Elder K.

A stunning table runner woven and crocheted with glittery gold thread

Manuel had his fill and took a nap on Elder K.'s pillow under a desk.

One of the workshop ladies made this motorcycle rider out of seashells.

Elder Kennington cleaning up afterwards using the vacuum the ladies call "R2-D2."

At one of the Christmas feria booths, I bought a leather pencil case to carry my crochet hooks. The artisan threw in the coin purse because I was a missionary, and her son was currently on a mission in Argentina.

I couldn't resist this puffy dyed wool angel. I ordered a complete Nativity set, but it isn't finished yet. Jon Snider will notice that this angel may not have a complete face, but she does have eyes.

 Our barrio (ward) Christmas dinner was scheduled for 8:00 Friday night. We were supposed to bring our own plates, but somehow didn't get the word, so the Relief Society provided us with some. We began eating about 8:30: baked chicken, rice with mayonnaise and choclo (corn)--surprisingly good; peeled tomatoes, paltas (avocados), and peas tossed with oil and some sort of cilantro cousin. Since Elder K. hates cilantro, he gave his peas to the lady sitting next to him, and everyone laughed.

 At the end was a very sweet rendering of Luke 2 in the beautiful Spanish language, or Castellan, (Castilian), as they always call it. A trio of teenagers sang "O Holy Night" a Capella. 

Tonight we are going to Penco to hear Romina sing in a church choir, in which she has a soprano solo. Fernando is going to pick us up and take us, so we have to be ready early, since Fernando drives "lento," slowly. We didn't think such a thing was possible in Concepcion!


  1. The rice, mayo and corn sounds similar to the Mexican corn on the cob here. Grill the corn, brush mayo,sour cream, lime, cayenne pepper and cotija cheese. It's really good. I wonder if all that would be good in rice too. Hmmm....

  2. That does sound good. We have had a variation of the rice/corn/mayonnaise dish, using cream and cheese instead of mayonnaise. It was very good, too.


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