Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving in Chile

For Thanksgiving, we were invited to President Arrington's beautiful home in Chiguayante.  It seems strange to be celebrating the Holidays when it is so warm and sunshiny outside.

I made a lemon meringue tart and a deep-dish apple pie using the Costco cinnamon I got from Sis. Kimball. The pie was a hit with Pres. Arrington, since it is his favorite.
A view of the temple lot for the Concepcion LDS temple, from Pres. Arrington's house overlooking the Biobío River.
We sat across from several other senior couples, including Chilean natives. After dinner, during which Elder Mora ate two helpings of Frog's Eye salad and asked for the recipe, he pulled out his flute, and I accompanied him on the piano playing Primary songs. He was a fine and enthusiastic flautist. I happened to have a sticker under my chair, so I got to take home our table's centerpiece. It takes up almost the entire counter space, so I moved it to the "Entertainment Center" shelf.
Walking home from church on Sunday. The white rose bush pictured below is one of my all-time favorite varieties, the Iceberg floribunda. It is widely planted all over Chile. The arching shrub above it is the Andean boxleaf azara, Azara Microphylla, also widely planted. Its small flowers smell divinely sweet.
The car has been parked at this apparently abandoned house for the six weeks we have been here, so we have been thinking about renting this place, too, car included.
More of the sweet-smelling Andean boxleaf azara, sheared as a hedge

Interestingly pruned locust trees. The road district here doesn't seem bothered by power lines running through the middle of trees. 
We are going to visit the Conejo family for lunch on Sunday afternoon. This is everyone's favorite street, Calle Maipu, pronounced My-Poo.

Elder K. at the entrance to two dwellings, including the Conejos', on Calle Galvarino.

Maria Conejo and Yolanda, cooking dinner 
Elder K. conversing with Hno. Conejo, who has traveled from Ecuador to Italy, Belgium, and China, and now resides in Concepcion.
Our almuerzo, midday meal, of pork, boiled potatoes, and habas--broad beans; peeled tomatoes, onions and cilantro; and field corn toasted in oil. It was very good and demasiado--way too much. For dessert we had fresh strawberries and sliced bananas, which taste much better here than in the U.S. For a gift we brought the Conejos a jug of Hershey's chocolate syrup which we bought at the Jumbo. The American elders expressed interest in it, too, so we may be making another trip to the Jumbo. Hna. Conejo said she raised guinea pigs, cobayos, to sell for food when she lived in Ecuador.
On our walk home, Elder K. is still thinking of Pies. This sign says, "Health begins with . . . PIES." No, it doesn't really. "Health begins with the Feet."
Lily of the Nile, Agapanthus, beginning to bloom at our Orompello 129 apartment front entrance. It will only get warmer for Christmas.

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